Partner: Christina Brown

Instructor: Hal Hayes --- Fall 2018

A building that focuses on sustainability is required to have three focuses in order to make the building livable: geology, sociology, and ecology. Each of these parts can be played with to overpower the others, and we have found that although most large-scale buildings today are asked to be sustainable, these buildings tend to allow social factors or infrastructure to overpower ecology. This results in program designs that have sustainable functions applied to them, like a greenwall, or PV cells, which respond to the space inside.


Can all three systems harmoniously work together in large-scale design?


We propose a system that allows ecology to work as an equal with both geology and sociology. By allowing different stages of the water purification process to dictate program function and distribution, we allow ecology to work alongside infrastructure and architecture.

Sytems Axon.jpg
Water Collection + Aquaponics
New Jersey Transit
Vertical Farming + Educational
Restaurant + Entertainment
Javits + Flow Wetland
Amphitheater + Tidal Wetland
Library + Water Filtration
Systems Axonometric
Underwater Classrooms