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Scaled Intersections

Updated2000Plan .jpg

The Whole (1/2000)

Partners: Gabriel Rodriguez, Madalena Alves

The site for our design is currently a web of existing pathways, both walking and vehicular, which connect two commuter hub towns to the surrounding forest, different historical and agricultural sites, and each other. These paths have formed out of necessity, and highlight important connections that were developed by the locals over time. Our design focuses on maintaining and pushing these connections, transforming existing paths into a web of spaces, and allowing for the development of programmatic connections along with physical connections. 

We use green spaces as our primary connector, allowing the green to shift in language and in programmatic use to encourage movement.

The Part (1/500)

The entrance to our site should ensure the continued importance of pathways and the development of programmatic and physical connections to the rest of the site. It’s critical location at the entrance of two parks, the riverbend, and Castelldefels puts the start of our site in the middle of natural and physical movement. This site plan should tie the built site strongly into this movement, and allow the continued flow of these spaces to change and develop as they interact with the built site. 

These overlapping spaces (river/movement, natural/movement, river/natural) should begin to build points of interest that address these overlaps.

The Building (1/200)

The previously defined spaces should be brought into the buildings on the site, affecting their purpose and configuration. Each of these buildings stand in the natural path of either water, green, or social movement, or often a combination of more than one. By developing buildings within the water/green and social/green realms, I can begin to develop what it means to have a building that caters to each of these categories, and can start to blend them together.

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